Course curriculum

    1. Session 1: 9.3.2020 - Culling, Dry Hands and Double Lifts.

    2. Session 2: 16.3.2020. False Shuffles, A Card Reverse, More Culling, Book Chat and General Rambles.

    3. Session 3: One Handed Riffles, False Shuffles and and Producing Aces

    4. Session 4: Double Lifts, Faros, Thumb Fans, Performing on Camera.

    5. Session 5: Coins, Rings, Thimbles and Flourishes.

    6. Session 6: Pinkie Counts, Elmsley Counts, Beginners Tricks, Steve Disappears

    7. Session 7: CHICAGO OPENER/HOT CARD TRICK workshop.

    8. Session 8: Balls, Coins, Cups, A Bit of Mem-Deck Chat

    9. Session 9: One-handed Top Palm, Erdnase Change, Earick, Stuart Gordon Turnover, Mercury Card Fold.

    10. Session 10: Memorised Deck Magic Discussion.

    11. Session 11: Reversals ( Including the FUTURE reverse ), First Tricks, Deck Switches and What You Can Get Away With.

    12. Session 12: Colour Changes Workshop

    13. Session 13: Spreads, Learning Process, Short Cards and General Magic Chat.

    14. Session 14: Mexican Turnover, Top Shot, Faro, Culls, Elmsleys, Push-Throughs and more

    15. Session 15: Table Shuffle Workshop. Top-slug, Bottom-slug. Push-throughs and Pull-outs.

    16. Session16: Self-Workers Session 1

    17. Session 17: Self-Workers Session and a Ridiculous Routine with Miniature Cards

    18. Session 18: Open Discussion About Tech and Apps vs Sleights. Steven's Three Top Tricks, and a bit of Pinkie Does It.

    19. Session 19: The Learning Process, David's Self-Worker, Steve Messes Up and More on Practice.

    20. Session 20: Special Guest Stan Allen

    21. Session 21: Dancers Thumbs, Gemini Twins Idea, A Little Bit of Coin Stuff and General Waffling

    22. Session 22: Coin Magic Workshop

    23. Session 23: Zarrow vs. Shank Shuffle. A Great and Simple Trick. Mexican Turnover and more chat.

    24. Session 24: Beginner's Q and A. Elmsleys, Developing Character, Topsy Turnover, Cop, Bit on the Bottom Deal.

    25. Session 25: Steve's 'Ace' Routine, Palming and Other Sleights

    26. Session 26 Lennart Green's Top Shot Workshop.

    27. Session 27: Beginners Q and A

    28. Session 28: Waterfall Shuffle, Top Change, Hamman Count , Oil and Queens

    29. Session 29: David Teaches Sincerely Yours by Aldo Colombini, Keeping Two Cards Together, Allan's Car Park Floor Trick.

    30. Session 30: Fork Card Trick, Dealing With Nerves, Deck Flipping

    31. Session 31: Piet Forton Pop-out Move and A Joker Sandwich.

    32. Session 32: Harapan Ong's Royal Explosion, Wallets, Bringing Extra Cards In, Deck Switches

    33. Session 33: Diagonal Palm Shift and Long Distance Spinner Workshop

    34. Session 34: SPECIAL GUEST ANDI GLADWIN. Monte Python. Q and A.

    35. Session 35: Lennart Green Snap/Laser Deal Workshop. Side Steal, Diagonal Palm Shift and Culling Tips

    36. Session 35 (Last Bit)

    37. Session 36: Pushing Off Two Cards, Double Undercut Tips, Marked Decks, Card Appearance, False Cuts and more...

    38. Live Session 37: Non-card Session (Mostly): Linking Rings, Palming, Spontaneous Mentalism, David's Mask, Steve's Lack of Education.

    39. Session 38: Gambler vs. Magician, Culling Tips, One-handed Flourishing, Muscle Pass Tips.

    40. Session 39: Linking Tricks Together, Routining, Creating Rapport, Getting Break...

    41. Session 40: Works In Progress. Magician Versus Gambler (Harry Lorayne), INverted Matrix (Curtis Kam) and more.

    42. Session 41: Works In Progress: Duplicity (Dave Campbell), Misbehaving (Kainoa Hardbottle), Feedback Session.

    43. Session 42: Do we need many sleights? Cups and Balls Work In Progress and Feedback.

    44. Session 43: Introducing the Zarrow Shuffle. The Importance of Live Practice.

    45. Session 44: Work In Progress: Blank Deck Routine. Group Feedback Session.

    46. Session 45: Revisiting Coin Routines with CJ. Feedback. Tips on The Pass, Q and A

    47. Session 46: Linking Rings Introduction

    48. Session 47: Francis Carlyle's Homing Card. Q and A.

    49. Session 48: Introduction to the Paddle Move, Opening Well, Tiedra's Colour Changing Deck Routine,

    50. Session 49: A Zoom Card Trick, A brilliant easy Card Trick and General Q and A

    51. Session 50: Adapting to a Sleight, Bottom Palms, Slip Cuts, Pinkie Breaks, A One Card Vanish

    52. Session 51: Larreverse, Cardini Change, Sybil details and Mem Deck Chat

    53. Session 52: Turkish Delight by Vinny Sagoo with Discussion

    54. Session 53: EUREKA (ACAAN) by Roberto Mansilla. ACAAN chat. Diagonal Insertion Tips.

    55. Session 54: Uses for The Elmsley Count, Bottom Dealing, Maxi Twist Summary

    56. Session 55: The Jinx Switch and Metamorphosis, David Regal's Romeo and Juliet Work in Progress, More Bottom Deal Tips

    57. Session 56: Discussion on Approaching Practice and Being Overwhelmed With Learning Content

    58. Session 57: Free Turn Pass and Verdnase Break In Progress. Tivo Transpo Brain Melt. Bluff Shift Stuff.

    59. 57.1 Tivo Transpo Bonus!

    60. Session 58: 'Hands Off' Feedback for Stefan. Greek Shuffle, One Handed Top Palm Tips, Ethics of Pre-Show

    61. Session 59: LJ Hit Double Lift, CJ Chicago Opener, Tom Chest Drive Faro

    62. Session 60: Card Reversal Trick, Slowing Things Down, Jason's Coin Try-out and more

    63. Session 61: Willy Wonka Card Trick (Scott Robinson), Professor's Nightmare (Rope Trick) Q and A.

    64. Session 62: Basics Q and A. Running Cards, Optical Shuffle, Card On Ceiling Resources, Pushing Off Two Cards

    65. Session 63: Coin Sizes for Magic, Molecule 4 Flourish, Gig Preparation and Scripting

    66. Session 64: Palm Palm Transfer bits, Pressure Fan Tips, General Q and A

    67. Session 65: Crazy Man's Handcuffs Sessions.

    68. Session 66: Steve's Show Debrief and Special Treat.

    69. Session 67: Working With What We've Got. Simplicity. Top Change, Slop Shuffle, Powerful Basics

    70. Session 68: Classic Tricks: Be Honest What Is It (Eddie Fechter) More Top Change Stuff. Chris And CJ Share. And More!

    71. Session #69: Special Guest: Peter Wardell. Structure, Performance and Routining.

    72. Session 70: A Basic Sandwich Routine (Ed Marlo) Q and A, Pete's Ambitious Card Details

    73. Session 71: Ascanio's Stages of Practice. Culling Multiple Cards.


    75. Session 73: Feedback Session for CJ. Kainoa's Misbehaving And Cutis Kam's Matrix. Chat about practice.

    76. Session 74: One-handed Bottom Deal Force and Switch


    78. Session 76: Live Hang Out From Steve's Gig (With a Ropey Connection)

    79. Session 77: Fireworks Control (Colombini), Multiple Selection, CJ's Cups And Balls and DLP/Multiple Shift Tips


    81. Live Session 79: Sandwich Basics and Q and A

    82. Live Session 79. December 30th 2021: Going into 2022

    83. Live Session #80. Fenik's 'EZ' Palm . John Bannon's Bullet Party Count, Cj's Reswindled (Wiles) and Dave's Twister (Kenner)

    84. Session 81: A Ropey Demo of Dunbury Sandwich (Walker, Solomon), Card From Box Stuff. More Sandwiches.


    86. Session 83. Steve's Simple One Coin Routine. Q and A

    87. Session #84: Marlo Future Reverse, Krenzel Mechanical Reverse, Braue Reverse, CJ's Homing Card To wallet

    88. Session #85. Up The Ladder Cut. A Bit on The Pass. Ose False Cut Variation.

    89. Session #86. Autobreak. Hammond Flash Change, CJ's Ramjollock (Earl)

    90. Session #87 Post Covid Chat. Paul Gordon's Holy Sh*t ('Demo Only), Weddings, CJ Work In Progress (Monarch by Avi Yap)

    91. Session #88 Steve's Gig Routines. Part 1. Sponge Balls and Card To Wallet.


    93. Session #90 Steve's Gig Routines. Part 2. Ring Flight, Coin To Nest Of Wallets, Strike Vanish

    94. Session #91: Steve's Gig Routines: Card Routines, Moves and Variations.

    95. Special Guest: David Williamson

    96. Session 93. Steve's Gig Routines, More Cards, Chat About Gigging, Openers.

    97. Session 94: Steve's Gig Routines. The Best Close-up Trick There Is?

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