Course curriculum

    1. Stan Allen. Discussion.

    2. Andi Gladwin. Teaches 'Monte Python' Card Trick.

    3. Peter Wardell. Structure, Performance and Routining.

    4. Vinny Sagoo. Great Card Trick for all Levels.

    5. Fenik. Discussion, Waffle and Incredible Ace Routines.

    6. Danny Goldsmith. The Worlds Best Coin Magician?

    7. Kainoa Harbottle. Another of The Worlds Best Coin Magicians?

    8. Looch. Mentalism for All Levels

    9. David Williamson. Creativity, Stories, Cards, Ropes, Chat.

    10. Steve Reynolds. Card Table Stunners!

    11. Andi Gladwin. Whack Your Phone. Andi's Version of Bannon's Triumph

    12. James Brown. Box Clever. Theory. Discussion.

    13. Mark Leveridge. Amazing Ring Routines. Ball and Glass. Great Blank Deck Trick.

    14. Paul Fowler. Discussion on Personalising, Creating and Releasing Tricks. Overdraft. 'Violet' Card Trick.

    15. Chris Rawlins. Commercial Mentalism.

    16. Dave Forrest. Holes! A Bar Bet. A Great Control.

    17. Chris Rawlins Returns. Mentalism With Cards. Predictable.

    18. Jon Allen. Box, Bands and a Random Word

    19. Noel Qualter and Roddy McGhie. Creating Magic and The Creative Process.

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